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19 Jan 2017

Experience “Patient First Philosophy” Dental Care

cracked tooth Overland Park, KS
26 Dec 2016

Last week I was discussing a concern with one of my patients. She recently had some pictures taken and was not happy with the changes she noticed with her smile over the years. She asked if there were any solutions to improve her smile because she was becoming self conscious about her teeth.  So I shared with her how veneers might help.

06 Dec 2016

In the past few years, I have noticed an increase in a condition that leads to rampant problems which can affect oral and dental health. This condition is called Xerostomia and is referred to as “Dry Mouth”. This condition routinely was associated with older people but now we are discovering it on a daily basis in our entire patient population, regardless of age. 

02 Aug 2015

Chris G. of Overland Park, KS recommends Dr. Krusich. You see Chris had an implant that didn't have the right crown on it. Dr. Krusich was able to help Chris and can help you too. If you have any dental questions, don't hesitate to contact us at 913-383-2600.


02 Aug 2015

I grew up south of Kansas City in Pittsburg, Kanas. I did my undergraduate degree down there at Pitt State too. I'm a Gorilla. :-)

Paris of the Plains from Tim Lair on Vimeo.

02 Aug 2015

I know it seems strange but yes, even dental practices have a history. Our long time patient, Jim G., explains how our practice got started and why he remains with us thru all these years.

Dr. Krusich is proud of that so many of our patients have stayed with him.


02 Aug 2015

Long time patient, Tom Jacobs of Kansas City, has this wonderful video testimonial for Dr. Krusich. 


16 Mar 2015

It's Dr. Ian's favorite time of year - the NCAA tournament.  Have some fun with us and maybe win the grand prize.  Enter your bracket by clicking here and entering pool password "Krusich"

08 Apr 2014

We love hearing from our patients about their experiences at our office and the latest review left us feeling great and proud of what we do! Check it out..