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Cracked Tooth Dental Emergency

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I want to share with you a story that illustrates the care you will receive from Krusich Dental. I am one of the hygienist at Krusich Dental with over 33 years experience. I have seen 100’s of emergencies but last week it hit home. I got a text from my 16 year old daughter that she had cracked a tooth. Being in the dental industry, I asked myself “How bad can it be, really?” I had her come meet me while I was out running errands. My heart sank when she walked through the door at Wal-Mart. Her face was bleeding, her nose swollen with several cuts on it and her lip very swollen with dried blood all over. Then, she showed me her tooth, UGH! She has split the tooth in half! Now, my mom instincts kick in and I freak out. I immediately called Dr Ian. It was after office hours and he responded that he would be there quickly. My daughter was scared, in pain, and questioned me as to whether she would ever look “normal” again.
Dr. Ian walks in and immediately put her at ease (and me too). He smiled and reassured her he could repair her smile. He walked her through what would happen and in the end, even made her smile. He actually sat and answered all of her questions and then informed us he would get in her the next day during his lunch (we were booked all day with patients). His compassion for her and our situation was wonderful. She left the office that night calm and relaxed and truly with a feeling that everything would be OK.
The next day, Susan came out to get her and gave her a big hug! She walked her back for treatment and again talked her through the procedure for that day. Unfortunately, the tooth broke further and Dr Ian had to do a root canal. She told me later she never felt a thing and almost fell asleep. She left the room talking about Dr Ian, calling him an artist and telling me about his amazing work. This experience could have been one of the most traumatic things in my daughter’s short 16 years but turned out to be a positive experience because of Dr. Ian.
If you don’t have a dental family, this is the kind of service you can expect from everyone at our office and if you are part of our dental family, thank you. Please tell your family and friends about our patient centered care we provide at Krusich dental. Call us today 913 383-2600.