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Teeth Whitening - Overland Park, KS

What is KOR Whitening?

KOR is an advanced teeth whitening treatment that is easy to use, is proven more effective, and has less tooth sensitivity that other solutions. Kor Teeth Whitening system is the preferred product used by Krusich Dental of Overland Park.  It whitens teeth faster and deeper than many of the other solutions on the market. This is achieved through a combination of unique, refrigerated tooth whitening gel and a tray that keeps saliva out so the gel stays in contact with the teeth longer.

KOR’s approach is significantly better than the “off-the-shelf” teeth whitening kits or tooth whitening pens found in stores. KOR whitens teeth faster, it whitens them brighter, and it does it with less sensitivity.

KOR’s Deep Bleaching even has the ability to remove tough, tetracycline stains that have traditionally been difficult to bleach. This is achieved through a take-home approach and two in-office visits. Definitely talk to Dr. Krusich, or your hygienists Erin & Tricia, if you’re concerned about your tooth stains.

Patient Success Stories

Karen G. from Overland Park had tetracycline stains as a kid. Watch her experience with KOR.

Paul C. from Prairie Village is a coffee and wine drinker; both of which are known to stain teeth. Listen to his story about KOR.

Now lets listen as Dr. Krusich explains the advantages of the KOR Whitening System.

Advantages & Disadvantages of KOR

Advantages of KOR

  • Less sensitivity than other bleaching solutions.
  • Faster bleaching results due to more precisely fitting trays.
  • More predictable results then other systems
  • Deeper bleaching to remove even tough, tetracycline stains.

Disadvantages of KOR

  • Slightly more expensive than some other solutions.
  • As with all bleaching solutions, other dental work like crowns, veneers, and bridges, don’t bleach like normal teeth and will stay their present color. Therefore, it’s best to have all dental work done after bleaching so color shades can be matched to the new bleached teeth.
  • Even though sensitivity is drastically decreased as compared to other systems it’s still the most common side effect with any bleaching systems.

What to Expect With KOR

  1. During an office visit, Dr. Krusich’s assistant, Susan, will make a mold of your teeth.
  2. From the mold created in our office, KOR trays will be created that fit your teeth perfectly. They’ll be comfortable to wear and will hold the whitening gel in contact to your teeth. It typically takes 1-2 weeks to fabricate the trays.
  3. After fabrication we will try-in your new KOR trays to evaluate the fit. Detailed instructions on how to properly use the KOR system will be delivered and you will be sent home with two tubes of KOR bleach to begin at home whitening.
  4. Each night for approximately 2-weeks, you’ll apply the gel and wear the tray while you sleep.
  5. You can stop using the trays on a regular basis whenever you achieve your desired brightness.
  6. Touch-up as needed by wearing the tray 1 or 2 nights every month or so.
  7. Some patients after the two weeks will have reached a much whiter shade but may desire additional whitening. Patients with deeper stains or more difficult cases may need a stronger solution to whiten their teeth to the desired shade. For these patients an in-office bleaching appointment is available. This is typically evident at the initial consultation and Dr. Krusich can indicate this may be necessary. The at home process helps to loosen deeper stains deep in the tooth and the in-office whitening that follows will remove those deep stains.

Insurance and KOR Whitening

Whitening and bleaching teeth is purely a cosmetic procedure and we haven’t seen any insurance companies offer coverage for it. Therefore, it is pretty much an out-of-pocket expense. The take-home version is $375 and the take home with in-office visit is $750. Should you need to include in-office visits for the KOR Deep Whitening (tetracycline stain removal) it can run up to $1,200 depending upon the number of visits you may need.

Dr. Krusich offers some payment options for teeth bleaching though. First, many patients find the nominal bleaching fee is easiest to just pay with their own credit card. Second, Dr. Krusich has been able to spread the billing over a couple of months for patients in good standing. And third, Care Credit, a healthcare credit financing option. Becky has information about Care Credit at the front desk.

Next Steps

If you are considering whitening your teeth, ask Dr. Krusich or your hygienist during your next visit. They can go over each approach and together, you can decide on your best bleaching option. To schedule your appointment today, call 913-383-2600 now.