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Why Did My Tooth Crack?

cracked tooth Overland Park KSThe enamel that covers your tooth is the strongest tissue in the body yet under certain circumstances, it can still crack. A tooth fracture or crack is the third leading cause of tooth loss. Sometimes underlying problems cause tooth fractures such as clenching or grinding. Other causes can be large fillings that can weaken teeth over time, sports injuries or teeth that have been treated endodontically (Root Canal).

Will the tooth hurt?

Sometimes you might get a warning sign of a fracture such as temperature sensitivity or biting pressure pain. Most often though, there are no warning signs. When you experience early warning signs of fracture it is due to biting pressure causing the crack to open. When you release the biting pressure, a mild to sharp pain may occur due to the crack closing. Each time this happens, the pulp (soft tissue that contains nerves) inside the tooth opens and becomes irritated. This causes the temperature or biting pressure sensitivity.

What causes teeth to crack?

•           Clenching or grinding your teeth

•           Chewing on hard objects such as ice, nuts and hard candy

•           Sports injuries such as blow to mouth

•           Bite issues such as crooked or misaligned teeth

•           Loss of tooth structure due to wear

•           Tooth decay that weakens the tooth

•           Brittle teeth due to Root Canal Treatment


What is the Treatment for a CrackedTooth?

•           Dental Bonding can repair chipped and cracked teeth depending on the severity of the crack

•           Veneers can repair more severely cracked front tooth. A porcelain veneer is a great option to restore a front teeth.

•           Crown is a cap that covers the whole tooth and protects the remaining tooth structure.

•           Root Canal is needed if the crack extends into the pulp. A final restoration is a crown to protect the tooth from further damage.

•           Implant is needed if the crack extends below the gum line and the tooth can not be treated.


Early Diagnosis is Crucial

The treatment for a crack depends on the severity of the damage. Early detection can sometimes save more tooth structure which means less dental treatment for the tooth. Breaks can range from minor chips to major fractures. So the earlier Dr Krusich can start treatment , the better the long term health of the tooth.

Can I Prevent cracks?

chipped tooth overland parkDr. Krusich does a complete exam at each appointment. He looks for warning signs of potential problems and any underlying issues that can increase your risk of major problems in the future. If the issue is grinding your teeth, Dr. Krusich may suggest a bite guard to protect and prevent future problems such as cracks in your teeth.

Sometimes accidents happen. Suddenly you realize you have cracked a tooth. We can help to repair your smile. If you think you have cracked a tooth, come see us right away. This will ensure you avoid further damage and possible long term problems. Call us today.