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Oral Exams

What are Oral Exams?

Oral Dental Exams are conducted by both Dr. Krusich and his hygiene staff consisting of Erin & Tricia. During an exam, Dr. Krusich and his hygienists are looking for any abnormalities in your teeth and gums such as cavities, early signs of gum disease, or oral cancer. These exams typically include patient cleanings, questions regarding behavior and any medications you are taking, visual observations & close-up inspections with our digital camera, and sometimes x-rays.

During one’s examination, Dr. Krusich’s staff takes the time to get to know you. They’ll make you feel comfortable. And, they take this opportunity to educate you on proper dental care including brushing & flossing techniques and answer questions you may have.

A regularly scheduled cleaning and oral exam are the foundation for your good dental health.

Dr. Krusich and Patient Videos

We’ll have some videos talking about our oral exams soon.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Oral Exams

Advantages of Exams

  • Regular scheduled exams spot tooth decay and gum disease early – when it’s most easily treated.
  • Cleanings remove dental tarter along the gum line which contributes to gum disease.
  • Exams identify broken fillings, cracked teeth, and periodontal disease.

Disadvantages of Exams

  • Setting aside an hour of time for a regular appointment.
  • Minor expense if it’s not covered by insurance.

What to Expect During Your Oral Exam

  1. Your oral exam will start by meeting with Tricia or Erin.
  2. They’ll ask you about any medications you might be taking along with your general health.
  3. Tricia or Erin will remove plaque and polish your teeth.
  4. They’ll floss between your teeth.
  5. If necessary, they’ll take x-rays or use the digital camera to take close-up pictures of your teeth.
  6. And finally, Dr. Krusich will come in and evaluate your teeth, gums, and bite while explaining any issues he sees.

Insurance and Regular Oral Exams

Dr. Krusich accepts most of the major dental insurance providers including Delta Dental, Cigna, Met Life, and Aetna. However we know each policy is different when it comes to what they will cover, deductibles, and co-pays. It’s best to work with Becky, Dr. Krusich’s insurance coordinator, to determine exactly what your insurance will cover.

If you don’t have dental insurance, Dr. Krusich gladly accepts Cash, Checks, Visa, or MasterCard.

Next Steps

To schedule your next visit, call Dr. Krusich’s office and speak with Shelly at 913-383-2600.