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General and preventive care

Dr. Krusich and his staff will help you, and your family, take care of your teeth for a lifetime. Being a father of 3 himself, Dr. Krusich knows the importance making it fun for children to go to the dentist. Dr. Krusich and his staff pride themselves on being gentle and understanding so seeing the dentist, is an enjoyable experience for all ages.

It all starts with our general & preventive care. It’s a combination of our relationships with you and technology. For example, we leverage modern, oral digital cameras to show you exactly what we see. This unique perspective allows us to work _together_ to help you take care of your smile.

By taking a holistic approach to dentistry, Dr. Krusich helps families in Overland Park & Leawood keep their smiles forever.

What is a Dental Hygiene Visit?

Dental Hygiene visits are when patients come to the dentist for regular check-ups and cleanings. These should be done about every 6-months for optimal oral health. During your visit you’ll meet with Dr. Krusich’s dental hygienists, either Tricia or Erin. They’ll review your medical & dental history, clean your teeth, and look for any abnormalities.

What are Oral Cancer Screenings?

Oral cancer can form on the tongue, floor or roof of the mouth, along the gums, soft palate, throat, or on the inside of the cheeks. It may appear as a small lesion, a small bump, or an ulcer. An oral cancer screening involves a visual and tactile inspection and may require a biopsy being sent to a lab for confirmation. 

Patient Success Stories

We’ll have some videos coming soon.

What is a TMJ Evaluation?

TMJ is short for temporomandibular joint. It’s your “jaw joint” where your lower jaw connects with your skull and held together with muscles.

What is Conservative Periodontal Care?

What are Dental Sealants?

Dental Sealants are a tooth colored material that fills in the uneven surfaces of a tooth and helps prevents cavities. Because a tooth’s surface naturally contains grooves and small pits, it can be difficult for brushing alone to remove food, bacteria, and plaque. This build-up can lead to cavities. Sealants provide a smoother, shallower surface so brushing is more effective and they provide a barrier between the cavity causing agents and the tooth. 

What are Dental Emergencies?

A dental emergency is any condition that you, our patients, are concerned about. While these generally involve chipped or damaged teeth, they can also involve unusual pain or an abscess. All of these are serious medical conditions and Dr. Krusich would like you to call our Overland Park office immediately at 913-383-2600 for your dental emergency.